The 10 best smart coffee machines in 2023 (2023)

Making coffee at home has come a long way from the original automatic drip coffee makers in your parents' and grandparents' kitchens.

Today's best smart coffee makers deliver hot, fresh coffee barista-style, all at the push of a button, the tap of an app, or a simple voice command.

You can choose to brew a pot full of loose beans, freshly ground beans from a built in grinder, or your perfect single cup in just seconds in your favorite coffee mug or travel mug with the perfect pod.

If you're looking for a new coffee maker for your home or office, it might be time to upgrade to a smarter coffee system that's tailored to your favorite flavor and ready to go when you are.

The best smart coffee makers

With this list of the best smart coffee makers available today, you're sure to find a model that delivers barista-style coffee within the confines of your own home.

1. Nespresso Vertuo coffee and espresso machine


The 10 best smart coffee machines in 2023 (1)


Nespresso Vertuo coffee and espresso machine

  • Please read the user manual or instruction manual or instruction manual (provided below as PDF) before first use.

$ 154,30

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One of the best coffee machines for their precision and perfection in preparation is the Nespresso Vertuo coffee and espresso machine.

You can choose from five cup sizes to find your fit, and then enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of aromatic coffee or espresso in moments. With a quick 15-second warm-up time, you won't have to wait for that perfect morning cup of tea.

This coffee maker uses individual premium coffee pods so you can enjoy barista-style flavor at the touch of a button. An extra-large water tank holds 54 ounces of water, while the automatic capsule storage and ejection system holds 17 capsules, making maintenance and cleaning quick and easy.

The Nespresso Vertuo coffee and espresso machine automatically adjusts the brewing method to each capsule type, so every cup is perfect, cafeteria style. An automatic switch-off function turns the coffee maker off after 9 minutes of inactivity.

The included welcome set contains a special selection of coffee pods in various delicious flavors, making this one of the best smart coffee makers to give away too!

2. Keurig C K-Elite K Single Serving K Cup Capsule Manufacturer

The 10 best smart coffee machines in 2023 (2)

Keurig K-Elite K Einzeldosis-K-Cup-Pod-Maker

  • Strong Brew Knob - Increases the intensity and bold flavor of your coffee.
  • Prepare different cup sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 oz. Take advantage of the most popular cup sizes.
  • Ice Setting: Brew hot over ice at the touch of a button for delicious, flavorful iced coffee.

$ 197,99

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If you're looking for another great smart coffee maker option with an extra-large water tank, the Keurig C K-Elite Single Serve K-Cup Pod Maker might be for you. It holds 75 ounces of water and brews multiple cup sizes. Plus, it has a one-minute brew time to deliver coffee exactly when you want it.

You can choose a hot or cold setting to taste your coffee just the way you want it, or choose the strong brew button for an extra-strong brew. This coffee maker features a hot water on demand button that ensures hot water is delivered whenever you need it, making it perfect for making instant teas or soups.

The Keurig C K-Elite has several handy features like a programmable automatic on/off timer, a detachable drip tray for large travel mugs, and a detachable water reservoir for easy filling. A practical temperature control ensures that you always enjoy your perfect cup of coffee.

Finally, you'll love your current pack with a brushed silver coffee pot and filter to start brewing right away. It's one of the best smart coffee makers you can rely on to brew a cup - Keurig!

3. Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker

The 10 best smart coffee machines in 2023 (3)

Atom smart wifi coffee maker

  • STRONG WIFI: Download the free Atomi Smart app and connect more easily to WiFi with a hotspot that appears...
  • COFFEE NOTIFICATIONS: Create daily and weekly schedules to keep your coffee up to date throughout the ...
  • SMART AND VERSATILE DESIGN: Operate your coffee machine with your smartphone, voice commands or manually ....

The Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker is one of the best hands-free smart coffee makers.

It features an extra-large glass carafe that can hold up to 12 cups of coffee, while the eco-friendly, reusable filter saves you time and money. You can download the free Atomi smart app to use your phone to start your brew from anywhere.

In addition, you also have the option to start brewing directly from your bed with your smartphone or enjoy brewing by voice command with Alexa or Google Assistant. You can use the voice control function to change the brew strength or switch off the coffee maker.

We especially like the LED display on this sleek black and stainless steel coffee maker for the manual brew option. You can use the handy timer to program daily brewing times according to your individual schedule or heat your coffee throughout the day.

4. Ninja hot and cold fermentation system


The 10 best smart coffee machines in 2023 (4)

Ninja hot and cold brew system

  • Note: 1) Grinding too coarse, too little coffee or insufficient compaction of the coffee grounds before the pot is made...
  • Prepare different drink sizes, from a single cup without capsules or a travel mug to...
  • With the hot drink you can enjoy a strong and tasty hot cup of coffee or tea; Or prepare with ice to...

$ 149,99

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The Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System Coffee Maker with Auto-iQ made our list primarily because of its versatility.

Choose from multiple brew sizes, from a single cup to a full cup of aromatic hot coffee, or brew over ice for delicious, refreshing iced coffee. An integrated milk frother delivers hot or cold milk in delicious, silky froth in seconds at the push of a button.

This coffee maker also has a tea basket for brewing loose leaf tea or for brewing tea with your favorite tea bags.

This ninja system also features a unique thermal aroma extraction function and even saturation technology, as well as precise temperatures to deliver the best cup of coffee every time. The fact that it has a built-in smart spoon ensures accurate measurements for a perfect preparation.

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is one of the best coffee makers for every individual taste, with five brewing style options for strong, flavorful coffee, just the way you want it, every time.

5. Stylish Café in Hamilton Beach

The 10 best smart coffee machines in 2023 (5)

Hamilton Beach chic cafe

  • This smart coffee maker works with Alexa, so you can ask your Alexa app or Alexa Smart...
  • WORKS WITH ALEXA CERTIFICATION: This smart coffee maker "Works with Alexa Certification" corresponds ...
  • CREATE ROUTINES WITH ALEXA. Want to create a morning prep plan? You can easily set the alarm clock...

99,99 US-Dollar

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The Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker is another great option that will deliver your morning coffee with hands-free convenience. Its simple and user-friendly interface and itsIntegration of Alexa voice commands.

You can use your Alexa app or your Echo device (no additional apps required) to control the coffee maker. Just set the breakfast timers or plan the preparation throughout the day. You can also ask Alexa to change the brew strength or turn off the coffee maker.

Basically, all you have to do is give a command and the Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker will do it for you.

The simple front-fill design makes adding water easier than ever, while the no-drip glass carafe ensures you never miss a drop. Its automatic switch-off, which switches off the coffee machine every two hours, is also very practical.

You don't have to worry about flashingdigital clocksAlso. The LED clock automatically keeps the right time with wireless syncing with your Alexa app. You can also use the app to turn off the stove from anywhere.

All in all, with its automatic cleaning cycle reminder and Alexa voice control, the Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker is one of the most popular smart coffee makers for convenience.

6. iCoffee remote brewing


The 10 best smart coffee machines in 2023 (6)

Remote preparation iCoffee

  • WIFI ENABLED: State-of-the-art Wi-Fi enabled remote staging from any device with the SMARTER app...
  • GRIND AND BREWING INNOVATION - Whether ground coffee or whole beans, brew a perfect cup of coffee ...
  • EASY TO USE - Easy setup and pairing with multiple devices to make your...

$ 169,00

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With its wide range of voice command functions and intelligent app support, the iCoffee Remote Brew is a coffee maker to consider when making your purchasing decision.

Not only does the iCoffee Remote Brew deliver a flavorful and balanced cup of coffee every time, it's also Wi-Fi enabled and offers hands-free operation with Alexa, Google Assistant and Nest systems. In addition, the Smarter app allows easy programming with your smartphone or other devices.

You can use the app to customize your perfect brew and set alarms so your morning cup of coffee is brewed exactly when you want it. The coffee maker also easily pairs with multiple devices for use by everyone in your home.

iCoffee Remote Brew can brew your perfect cup when you need it with the touch of a button from your mobile app and from anywhere in your home.

It also has a built-in grinder that delivers the perfect grind when you want to brew a cup with your favorite whole beans for the freshest blend, making this one of the best smart coffee makers for lovers of aromatic, freshly ground coffee. .

With three interchangeable panels, it can also be customized to match your kitchen decor!

7. Breville-Nespresso USA intelligent coffee maker

The 10 best smart coffee machines in 2023 (7)

Breville Nespresso Smart coffee maker

  • BARISTA GRADE: The Nespresso Inissia from Breville always offers a perfect cup of coffee or espresso, ...
  • FAST: Eliminate waiting times as your water reaches the ideal temperature in less than 25 seconds ...
  • ENERGY-EFFICIENT COFFEE MACHINE: The intelligent energy-saving mode automatically switches off the coffee machine ...

$ 399,99

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When you want to have your cup of coffee or espresso of your choice in seconds, the Breville-Nespresso USA Smart Coffee Maker should be your coffee maker of choice.

With less than 25 seconds from a single tap to brewing, your coffee will be ready in moments with less waiting. You can choose fresh coffee or espresso and enjoy the perfect cup thanks to a unique extraction system with 19 bar pressure for a rich aroma and perfect taste.

The coffee maker usedBluetooth technology for wireless connectionwith your device, while the smart app makes it easy to schedule and customize your drink.

Breville Nespresso uses Nespresso capsules for pre-measured perfection in every cup. A set of complimentary coffee pods is included with your purchase so you're ready to brew straight away. With 4 coffee cup sizes and 3 temperature settings, you can enjoy your perfect customized cup every time.

We also like the space-saving design of the device. It features a flat wall construction while the 37 ounce water reservoir is removable and easy to fill and clean.

8. Cafetera Keurig K-Mini


The 10 best smart coffee machines in 2023 (8)

Cafetera Keurig K-Mini

  • Note: 1) Grinding too coarse, too little coffee or insufficient compaction of the coffee grounds before the pot is made...
  • FITS ANYWHERE - Less than 5 inches wide, perfect for small spaces
  • YOUR PERFECT QUANTITY: Brew any cup size between 6-12 ounces with Keurig K-Cup Pads

$ 82,39

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The Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker is a favorite for those who want a quick cup of freshly brewed coffee in a sleek, space-saving design. Measuring less than 5 inches wide, the narrow profile saves counter space while you brew a perfect cup with any cup size between 6 and 12 ounces with Keurig K-Cup coffee pods.

It features a removable drip tray that can hold large travel mugs, while the one-cup reservoir ensures your brew water is always fresh. Simply use your favorite mug to add the right amount of water to the tank and enjoy fresh coffee in just minutes.

The Keurig K-Mini coffee maker features rear cord storage for easy portability, making it one of the best smart coffee makers for home or office use.

The energy-efficient automatic switch-off function turns off the coffee maker 90 seconds after the brewing process has finished. You can choose a standard drink or use the strong drink button for a stronger taste.

9. FlexBrew de Hamilton Beach


The 10 best smart coffee machines in 2023 (9)

Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Cafeteria

  • THREE TYPES OF PREPARATION. Brew 12 cups with ground coffee on the side of the carafe, or brew a single shot with a...
  • COFFEE MACHINE FOR ONE CUP. Make a cup with a K-cup pod, another brand pod, or ground coffee. The included...
  • BREW A FULL POT OF COFFEE - This programmable coffee maker features easy-touch wake-up programming...

$ 109,99

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The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffeemaker offers the option of brewing a single cup with a K-Cup pod or a whole cup of loose bean coffee. It features simple touch programming so you can wake up with fresh coffee without having to press a button.

One side of the programmable coffee machine is equipped with a water tank with a measuring window and a 12-cup carafe. Includes a power save timer and auto-off function.

The other side uses your choice of individual pods to brew the perfect custom cup of coffee for your mug or travel mug. You can also brew a single cup of your own favorite coffee with an included reusable pod.

The single-cup brewing feature uses a separate water tank and a detachable needle to pierce the capsule for easy cleaning. With twice the brewing flexibility, the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker is definitely one of the best smart coffee makers on the market.

10. Moer e preparar KRUPS

The 10 best smart coffee machines in 2023 (10)

KRUPS grinding and brewing machine automatic start

  • 10 CUP COFFEE MACHINE WITH BUILT-IN GRINDER - Prepare delicious coffee at home - Built-in cone grinder ...
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT: grinder setting from 2 to 10 cups to adjust the amount, 5 grind settings (coarse to ...
  • AUTO START & KEEP WARM - Program the brew cycle to start whenever you want (great for waking up to coffee); two...

You can use the KRUPS Grind and Brew Auto Start Machine to grind your favorite beans before brewing, ensuring you get the tastiest, freshest, most flavorful coffee experience from this all-in-one machine.

It has a built in conical coffee grinder that gives you the exact grind you prefer for your perfect cup of coffee.

It also offers easy customization with 5 grind settings from fine to coarse and a brew strength selector with 3 strength options including light, medium and strong. So you can choose your perfect beer for every occasion.

An intuitive user interface with a clear LCD screen makes programming the coffee maker easy, while the pause and serve function lets you pour a cup without waiting for the full brew cycle to complete. In addition, the keep-warm function guarantees hot and delicious coffee for two hours.

The KRUPS coffee maker's glass carafe features a curved drip spout for easy pouring, so you don't miss a drop of your custom coffee.


When it comes time to choose the perfect smart coffee maker for your home or office, all of our options above will give you a hot, delicious drink in moments and allow you to be creative and brew your coffee the way you want it design.

With many brew strength options, full brew or single-cup, hot or iced coffee, plus easy programming and hands-free operation, finding the perfect coffee maker to brew your perfect cup is easy!

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