Professional recruitment and headhunting in Denmark - Next Rekruttering (2023)

Are you looking for another employee in Denmark or Scandinavia? Next Recruiting is a professional recruitment and executive search agency based in Denmark. We recruit at all levels of companies and organizations - strategic, tactical and operational.

Extensive recruitment experience from many industries and sectors throughout Denmark

Our clients range from SMEs to international collaborations. Our management and recruitment consultants have experience in working and managing international companies and private equity funds.

As we are another network of affiliated partners, we have extensive experience in the most diverse sectors and industries. We also have an impressive number of potential Danish candidates available in our databases who have declared themselves ready for new challenges.

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Do not hesitate to contact us for a free, no-obligation conversation about how we can meet your organization's recruitment needs in Denmark
Mail: Telephone: +45 53 885 777

A reliable and effective recruitment agency in Scandinavian countries - Denmark, Sweden and Norway

Although Next Recruitment is based in Denmark, we have a solid track record of supporting multinational companies in their recruitment and talent acquisition efforts in Scandinavia, Northern Germany and internationally.

Our affiliated network of professional and highly qualified management consultants is able to support companies with go-to-market strategies, start-up supervision and in consulting related to business in Scandinavia.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are considering hiring a new Country Manager, Sales Director or qualified specialist, and we will do our best to meet your needs and bring added value to the cooperation. We are open to recruitment at all levels - "no job is too big and no job is too small" in supporting our clients.

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Unique recruitment concept

We work based on a unique and simplified recruitment concept - "Next Level Talent Match Success". The concept ensures a fast and smooth recruitment process with high-quality and accurate search for available candidates. We focus on effective short-term recruitment, but we also focus on long-term retention.Professional recruitment and headhunting in Denmark - Next Rekruttering (2)

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Recruitment needs analysis
The first step is always to get a complete picture of the client's current business, product and organization. Subsequent identification of requirements and skills, competencies, experience and personality in a profile tailored to the needs. This initial process is completely free and non-binding. It is also a way for our clients to get to know Next Rekruttering - our skills and competences.

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customer mapping
We perform internal company and job mapping based on parameters such as financial ratios, hierarchy, management values, company culture, degree of responsibility and decision-making, etc. This process ensures that we are able to provide the candidate with an accurate picture of the position and the employing company to avoid misunderstandings and disappointed expectations later in the process. Unlike many other countries, Denmark has an independent and trust-based work culture. Therefore, we must make extra efforts to align the values, business culture and expectations of international companies with the candidate's requirements.

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job offer
We place a strong emphasis on your employer and brand value and create a highly motivating and culturally appropriate job ad. Media channels are carefully selected to maximize the reach of relevant candidate categories. For our executive search and headhunting processes, we usually do not publicly advertise a vacancy. If we decide to do this in consultation with the customer, they will donate anonymously.

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To look for
We have access to a large number of candidate databases and we always search the market for suitable candidates along with our public job advertisements. We work with universities and educational institutions on candidates. We also have an extensive network in Danish SMEs and large companies.

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video display
As we work with international recruitment processes both inbound and outbound, we often use a video screening of candidates before starting the interview process. This allows us to effectively evaluate many candidates in different countries before we go for final interviews.

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First interviews
It is very important for us to create an atmosphere of trust and honesty in our interviews with candidates. This environment is important because it helps us adjust expectations more quickly. As a modern recruitment company, we prioritize the future over the past, and motivation over experience. Candidates previously filled out a form in which they answered questions about what motivates them and what demotivates them in their professional life. This allows us to delve into areas such as personality, values, predictable behavior, and motivational metrics.

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In the recruitment process, we always encourage our clients to prepare a case to be solved by other candidates. This gives us, as a recruitment company, as well as our clients, the opportunity to assess a candidate's competencies in areas such as presentation skills, problem solving skills, and gives us an overview of the candidate's overall understanding of the context and nature of the job from a professional perspective.

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First presentation of candidates to the client
At this stage of the recruitment process, the candidates selected by us will have the opportunity to meet the client. This meeting is a more general presentation of the client and the candidate. Usually, we can submit 3-4 candidates for the standard recruitment process.

We value transparency, honesty and openness and we know from many years of experience that this is the basis for successful recruitment. Be prepared – candidates from Denmark can be very forward looking and direct. In our opinion, this shows a great commitment and a desire to find a suitable job that meets your expectations for the future. Most Danish graduates are more interested in a high-performance and empathetic culture than in a competitive, results-oriented and highly hierarchical culture.

After a round of presentations, our client decides which candidates are suitable for a second interview.

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getting referrals
Before the second interview, we collect references from previous employers, direct superiors and, if possible, also from subordinates. According to Danish law, we are not allowed to seek information about a candidate's private information, such as health, social situation and political beliefs. We can only contact specific references according to the candidate. We ensure agreement on general legal conditions and presentation of no criminal record.


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Second interview with the client and subsequent decision making
In the standard recruitment process for the second interview, we have two candidates. During this process, we get to know the candidate's personality and motivation in more detail. We also encourage candidates to prepare questions for the client. Similarly, we encourage the client to submit a 100-day plan and a yearly plan with milestones for expected results and achievements.

The aim of the meeting is to reconcile soft values ​​with hard values. Hard values ​​meaning, salary, possible start date, etc. If the interviews are successful, the client has two candidates with all the specified details and hence only one choice left. Which candidate is the best fit for this job?

After the final selection process, only the final contract meeting remains. We will be happy to complete and facilitate this part of the process.

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Pre-shipment, integration and follow-up
We strongly encourage the customer to prepare a pre-shipment and onboarding plan. In many cases, employment begins 2-3 months after signing the contract. This can take a long time without candidate-client contact. Create a plan to keep the candidate informed during the waiting period.

We also encourage clients to prepare an onboarding plan for the candidate 7 days before the start. Pre-schedule and schedule meetings with all stakeholders to showcase products, company and culture.

We offer free recruitment continuation after 2 and 6 months or as needed.

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    What is the difference between headhunting and recruiting? ›

    To recap, headhunting involves the specialized process of hiring executive-level positions, while recruitment takes charge of filling in the organization's vacancy demands across all roles. Although headhunting and recruiting contrast in several things, they share the same goal of getting the best people aboard.

    What is a professional headhunter? ›

    A headhunter, or executive recruiter, is an individual or company hired by an employer to recruit talent for an open role. Headhunters are often paid on contingency and typically earn commission only when they are successful in placing a candidate in a job.

    What is the difference between employment agency and headhunter? ›

    A recruitment agency looks for positions for active job seekers. On the other hand, a headhunter usually focuses on finding candidates who are not actively seeking new jobs. They look for hard to find candidates who are the perfect fit for a specific role.

    What is a modern day headhunter? ›

    Headhunting is the practice of hunting a human and collecting the severed head after killing the victim, although sometimes more portable body parts (such as ear, nose or scalp) are taken instead as trophies.


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