How To Get Away With Murder - Annalize Keating Is Dead - Review: "Laurel Is Finally Back" (2023)

How To Get Away With Murder - Annalize Keating Is Dead - Review: "Laurel Is Finally Back" (1)
After a disappointing run to this point in its final season, last night's penultimate episodeHow to get away with murderultimately showed showrunners realizing they only had two episodes left on the series to begin completion. However, did they give it up too late and does next week's series finale have a lot of catching up to do? 🇧🇷Annalize Keating ist totIt was written by Sarah L. Thompson and Tess Leibowitz and directed by John Terlesky.

The class began with a first-person narration as Annalize decided what to wear to court. Using this technique multiple times for such an important and advanced episode of the series was a little odd for me.How to get away with murderHe's probably only used the technique a few times before in his six seasons and I don't think it had the same impact as it could have been used more often and allowed the audience to get used to it beforehand. 🇧🇷 Given how important her looks are to her, some of her inner dialogue was pretty good:

If I lose, I lose by looking like me.

Hannah Keating's importance to Annalize was also introduced earlier in this episode. Things would change significantly towards the end of the hour. More on that in a moment.

Connor and Michaela struggled with similar but less significant clothing issues. Oliver helped Connor choose what to wear and Michaela let her father approve her outfit. The tension between the students here, even separated, was palpable, fueled by last week's revelation that Connor had signed a new contract with the FBI and kept it a secret from Michaela.

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How To Get Away With Murder - Annalize Keating Is Dead - Review: "Laurel Is Finally Back" (2)

Finally it goes to court. A trial in this series never goes as planned, so it came as no great surprise that the US Attorney tried to remove Tegan as Annalise's attorney due to a conflict of interest. Despite Laurel's testimony that Tegan helped her flee Philadelphia with Christopher and that the discussion seemed shaky, Annalize interrupted and said she agreed with the accusation and decided to represent herself.

The hiatus that immediately followed this decision confirmed why the showrunners were trying to force the awkward chemistry between Tegan and Annalize. In almost any other show or legal scenario, the fired attorney would have stormed into the courtroom never to be seen again, but since Tegan is emotionally attached to Annalize, Tegan will stay to give her pointers, regardless of whether that feeling is reciprocated becomes . and help. a second pair of hands for Bonnie. Meanwhile, the showrunners also want their star of the show to have one final season in the courtroom. It's understandable, even if it's a little embarrassing.

How To Get Away With Murder - Annalize Keating Is Dead - Review: "Laurel Is Finally Back" (3)

Next came Michaela, Connor, and Laurel's testimony against Annalize, in that order. I felt that was handled fairly well by the showrunners, with each character basically dropping a big bombshell. It could have been made a lot more complex and wordy than it was, so it was a worthwhile sacrifice for clarity to condense things a bit.

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Michaela used her time in the stands to say that Wes pushed Sam Keating over the rail and sent him away for good too. But her bombshell was Wes and Annalize sleeping together. Annalise's interrogation caught Michaela lying when she denied doping with Simon Drake to deport him.

A slight twist here was that Gabriel was in court to see Michaela's testimony. He was visibly upset and felt betrayed, but he still doesn't know the full story. This is one of those mistakes that might feel right about next week's series finale.

Connor's testimony got off to a rocky start as he had a panic attack following the testimony. This was prompted by Frank when she casually mentioned as she walked into court that Michaela had a new deal. Connor claimed that Annalize ordered her students to dispose of Sam's body and keep it secret and tried to portray Annalize as a stalker. Annalize caught Connor in a lie by revealing that the essay he had submitted about closing a gay conversion therapy camp was fake and that the camp never existed. He also delved into Connor's relationship with Oliver, although his attempts to derail their relationship apparently didn't work, or at least didn't work yet.

How To Get Away With Murder - Annalize Keating Is Dead - Review: "Laurel Is Finally Back" (4)

Ultimately, Laurel's testimony was considered last because it was the most scathing and blew up the entire trial to date. She revealed that her testimony was rigged by the FBI. She contradicted Michaela's statement that Wes slept with Annalize by saying he slept with her, with Christopher as evidence, and indirectly contradicted Connor's statement that Annalize had nothing to do with Sam's death or the arrangement. from the body.

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I basically forgot about Laurel's reintroduction to the show, so let's get back to that. In her initial time on the stand, she revealed that Tegan helped her escape from her current situation in Philadelphia and also revealed that Tegan helped negotiate her release when she was kidnapped as a child. We know very little about Tegan's relationship with the Castillo family, but this comment from Laurel finally gives us a better understanding of Tegan's overall goal. But how she was able to help Laurel disappear so abruptly, completely and completely, and beyond Frank and her family's ability to track her down, still requires an incredulous suspense.

It was nice to see Laurel getting some decent screen time alongside the court scenes as she had a lot to explain. Reuniting with Frank was a step in the right direction, and it was one of the most emotional scenes this season (there weren't many, to be fair). Laurel was pretty rational in her decision making, which I think most viewers can respect. This was further cemented when he dismissed Annalise's calls for help and favorable statements, with Frank also being in the parking lot in his presence. Laurel also delivered one of the most brutal lines I've heard on this series:

The childless woman cannot tell me what to do with mine.

Laurel has met with her fellow students twice, first shortly after her first statement and later when she was finishing her second statement. She sowed the seeds of doubt between the deals Michaela and Connor made, revealing that her own deal only included probation while Michaela's later was the same, leaving Connor alone with a deal that included five years in prison but immunity for Oliver included . 🇧🇷 This will undoubtedly cause conflict between the trio, but they still don't know if winning the case is more beneficial for Annalize than losing.

How To Get Away With Murder - Annalize Keating Is Dead - Review: "Laurel Is Finally Back" (5)

My favorite moments in this episode were Nate and Jorge - the first time Jorge was involved in something I liked. Nate really is the underdog at this point, and he's had his crush on Governor Birkhead for some time, and Annalise's trial is a huge distraction for everyone else. By conveniently allowing Xavier's body to be discovered, he forced Jorge to believe that Birkhead had betrayed him. A smart move for sure.

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The final moment of closure is a bigger twist than Frank being the son of Hannah and Sam Keating. Hannah's testimony would be vital to Annalise's case, and she was willing to do anything to get it, even sign a settlement with significant sums at stake, and that would still damage Annalise's reputation. Hannah would not survive this hour, however. Her lawyer would find her dead, apparently by suicide. A replay of a conversation between Bonnie and Frank involved Frank admitting that he still loved Laurel but not as much as she did, only for Bonnie to turn around and presumably reveal to Frank who her parents were. The precious final words of confirmation were missing before the end of the episode, but as I imaginedlast weekFrank didn't seem to know what Bonnie was talking about. Could she very well have killed Hannah to ruin Annalise's chances of winning her trial, or was it actually the locks as Annalize believed when she heard the news?

How To Get Away With Murder - Annalize Keating Is Dead - Review: "Laurel Is Finally Back" (6)

Hopefully everything will be revealed next week, but my concerns about the quality of the series finale have increased. There's a tremendous amount of story to wrap up and gaps to fill. Will the governor be overthrown? Will Jorge uncover the truth behind his son's death? Will Annalize win her case? Who Killed Hanna? How does Wes live? Will we find out why Robert and Solomon reappeared? Will FBI Agent Pollock's Story Be Revealed? Are the likes of Rebecca, Xavier, Miller, Emmett and more getting caught? Will anyone live happily ever after?

And let's not forget the three questions at the supportQuestion: Who killed Annalize? Will they get away with it? And how will it end?

I'm sure many of you have questions of your own that you hope will be answered by the end of next week and I'd love to hear what they are in the comments. For me, this episode still fell a little short of what was needed in my opinion. There have been better penultimate episodes of the series than this one. The first-person narrative was a little harrowing, the lesson lacked any real poignancy, and even though Hannah ended up dead, not seeing her made that much harder to connect with this supposedly vital link in the overarching story. Next week's flashbacks are a last hope for a chance to see Marcia Gay Harden again on this series, but if she doesn't show up in this episode of all episodes where she dies, I'd say it's a foregone conclusion that she and the winner is. I won't be back for life next week. Anyway, I enjoyed Laurel's return. It was put to good use and snapped back into place with unexpected ease. Finally, as I mentioned earlier, Nate's story is very intriguing.

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That's it for this penultimate episode ofHow to get away with murder🇧🇷 Thanks for reading and I look forward to reading all your thoughts and theories in the comments below. See you here next week for the series finale.


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