Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker: Are Two Coffee Makers Better Than One? (2023)

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A dual-use coffee maker like the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is a space-saving, value-for-money option. You can brew a full pitcher or a single cup of coffee, so it's a handy way to limit waste by never brewing more than necessary. But practicality isn't the only key to delicious coffee enjoyment. We needed more details, so we decided to give this coffee maker a thorough review.

keep readingCafé Hamilton BeachThe review looks at everything this coffee maker has to offer, from smart design details to user-friendly features.

Summary table: Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 49976

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker: Are Two Coffee Makers Better Than One? (1)

  • Two-way coffee maker that can brew a full carafe or a single cup
  • Compatible with K cups or ground coffee
  • Easy to use and maintain

I drink a lot of coffee at night, so making just one cup really saves time and money. No more reheating leftover coffee in the microwave for me.

- Client

The complete review of the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 2-Way Coffee Maker

The Hamilton Beach 2-Way FlexBrew Coffee Maker is adouble coffee makerthat can make a full pot or a single cup of coffee. Confusingly, it's also called the Hamilton Beach Trio Coffee Maker because the single serving side of the machine can make K-cups, or freshly ground coffee. So there are two brewers, but three ways of brewing. Clear as mud? Great! Let's talk about everything else this DIY programmable coffee maker has to offer.

Café Hamilton Beach
  • Project
  • Characteristics
  • Easy to use
  • quality-price ratio


Project - 3.5/5

The defining design feature of the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 2-Way Programmable Brewer is that it is two separate brewing systems side-by-side in one appliance. On the right is a single-serve coffee maker that can brew freshly ground coffee or K-cups. The left side is a more traditional carafe automatic coffee maker. A single control panel and digital display is used to operate both sides.

This programmable coffee maker is surprisingly compact. It takes up far less space than two equivalent separate coffee makers, although both sides have their own water tank. Measuring 13.5 inches high, 12.5 inches wide and 11.5 inches deep, it takes up little counter space and slides easily under kitchen cabinets.

Aesthetics are down to personal taste, but I wouldn't call this an enormously attractive coffee maker. It has a retro '80s vibe, blocky features, a black plastic body, and silver accents. Would be at home on the set of Stranger Things, a design theme making a comeback (1).

Integrated storage under the cup holder on the single dispenser side of this coffee maker is a smart feature. It's the perfect size to store your pouch holder or brew basket, whichever you don't use. Or you can remove it entirely to create more space under the spout, allowing you to brew a travel mug up to 7 inches tall.

Glass or thermos bottle

This Hamilton Beach programmable coffee maker is available with a 12-cup glass jug or a 10-cup stainless steel thermos. If you choose the glass jug, your machine will have an integrated warming plate. Home Grounds prefers thermoses because they avoid the need for a hot plate, which can cause your coffee to taste burnt after an hour (2). They are also much more durable. However, choose the glass carafe if you value the extra capacity or prefer the look.

Properties – 4.5/5

This programmable coffee maker includes all the features you expect whenChoose a filter coffee machineAnd everything you would expect from a single-serve coffee maker.

drip coffee maker

Let's talk about the drip machine first. Brew up to 12 cups (for glass coffee maker) or 10 cups (for thermal coffee maker) at once. The preparation intensity can be adjusted between Regular and Bold. It's fully programmable with a 24-hour timer for all your awake coffee needs.

Set the brewing timer for the night and wake up in the morning with a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee.

The popular Auto Pause and Pour feature lets you sip a cup halfway through the brew cycle when you can't wait for the first caffeine rush. Automatic pause stops the brewing process when you remove the carafe, saving you a messy morning.

The glass carafe model includes a built-in heating plate. The hotplate turns on when you start brewing, keeps the coffee hot for 2 hours, then turns off automatically. If you're prone to forgetfulness, who isn't ready for a busy morning? - Auto shutdown is a great feature for your peace of mind.

The single-dose coffee machine

The best thing about this Hamilton Beach single-serve coffee maker is that it doesn't rely on K-cups. It has a capsule holder for those days when the convenience of a K-cup is a must. However, it is also compatible with ground coffee thanks to a single-dose filter basket. When you grind your coffee yourself, you get a tastier drink, more coffee options, and the ability to control your coffee dose. You're not limited to those notoriously weak K-cup beers.

Want comfort without the K cup? HeHamilton Beach 49980Ais another double coffee maker that prepares ground coffee or compostable Senseo capsules.

The one cup brewing side can brew between 295 and 415 ml at a time. And just like the pitcher, you can choose the strength Regular or Bold. While you can't program the single-serving side to brew with a timer, the smaller water reservoir on this side means heating and brewing is very quick, around 3 minutes total.

Energy efficiency and sustainability

An often overlooked benefit of a dual brewery is its reduced environmental footprint. If you make a full pot, leave it on a hot plate for hours, and don't drink it all, a single serve pot is much more sustainable. Not only does it waste less coffee grounds and water, it also requires less energy to heat and brew.

Contrary to popular belief, brewing a wasted pitcher is even worse than a plastic K-cup, according to life cycle assessment expert Sebastien Humbert (3).

If you are an irresponsible consumer, if your drip filter machine is very inefficient if you leave it on, if you brew more coffee than necessary, you can make drip filter coffee significantly worse than capsule coffee.

So if you tend to brew more coffee than you drink, the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker is a great choice for you and the planet.

Ease of use: 4/5

Multiple features make this 12-cup Hamilton Beach programmable machine very easy to use. With two coffeemakers in one, there's potential for over-complication, but easy-touch programming keeps things simple.

How to use the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 2-Way Coffee Maker

There are six large buttons and a digital display on the left side of the machine. Buttons are labeled directly:

  • The Brew New button, also the power button, immediately starts a brew cycle.
  • The Prog and Set Time buttons are used to set the programmable timer.
  • Two buttons named Pitcher and Plain to switch between the two cooking modes.
  • There is a brew strength button that allows you to toggle between regular and rich.

The digital display informs you about all your current settings, e.g. B. Your mode, whether the brew timer is set and the strength of the coffee.

Each side has its water tank, which is filled from above. There are two separate clear windows to easily monitor the water level in both tanks. The dual tank design is useful when preparing a single serving. Because you only need to heat the amount of water you're using, it's a much faster process.


Post-brew cleaning is easy to extremely easy, depending on the brewing method. When you brew with paper filters or a K-Cup, it's as easy as composting, recycling, or discarding (4). The capsule hole assembly is removable for easy cleaning, which is a nice feature as it's a common area where clogs occur.

This model comes with reusable metal filters for single and large coffee makers. The GoldTone filter is a little more tedious to clean, as you'll have to scrape up used coffee grounds, but it's greener and more cost-effective in the long run. A metal strainer also produces a bolder, more flavorful drink.

Value for money 3.5/5

The Hamilton Beach coffee maker isn't the cheapest option, especially for a machine that's mostly plastic. But you have to keep in mind that you're buying two coffeemakers in one, and the included GoldTone filter is a nice bonus.

You'll get your money's worth if you want to get the best out of both sides of this coffee maker.

Otherwise, you might find cheaper drip machines and single-serve coffee makers sold separately. Scroll down to see some suggestions.

While the thermos model is a bit more expensive than the glass variant, it is worth the price. The stainless steel carafe lasts longer than the glass carafe, and no heating plate means fewer machine hassles. It will pay for itself over time.

You pay a little more for the Hamilton Beach brand, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Hamilton Beach is a reputable company that offers a generous 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects. So you don't have to worry about wasting your money on a breakdown.

What we like:

  • You can brew single cups or a full pitcher.
  • very easy to program
  • Compatible with ground coffee or K-Cups
  • compact design

What we don't like:

  • Mainly plastic construction
  • relative expensive
  • not very aesthetic

Don't Buy the Hamilton Beach 49976 Coffee Maker If...

  • You only need a filter coffee machine:If you don't plan to use the single-serve side of the coffeemaker much, a standard drip machine is a more practical purchase. You can spend less and enjoy more features. Check out the Cuisinart DCC-1200 or the Ninja CE251, both are great alternatives.
  • You only need a single-dose coffee machine:On the other hand, if you rarely serve a crowd, you might want to skip the bottle and buy a single-serve coffeemaker. K-Cup fans should consider the Keurig K-Elite, which gives you a lot of control over your drink. The Hamilton Beach 49981 is the best choice for coffee drinkers who enjoy using their favorite ground coffee. And the Cuisinart SS10 is a worthy luxury for everyone to have.
  • Do you want even more versatility:It is not enough to prepare a portion or a glass; You also want to make iced coffee and frothed milk drinks. In this case you need theNinja CM401 specialty coffee maker. It features four brew modes, six brew sizes, a foldable steamer and more. It's only slightly more expensive than the Hamilton Beach 49976, but be aware that it doesn't accept K-cups.

the judgment

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker is a great purchase for anyone who regularly brews coffee for one or more cups of coffee for a crowd. With two brewing modes, you don't have to worry about wasting coffee or wasting time. It's easy to use, easy to clean, and built to last.

This model is a little more expensive than average, but affordable due to the 2-in-1 design, long warranty, and included accessories. However, you might find better value elsewhere if you don't think you'll be using both brewing methods on a regular basis.

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker: Are Two Coffee Makers Better Than One? (3)

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