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October 27, 1974 was a BIG dayDoveCircles: It was the day Patrick McGoohan debuted his seriesAt first dawn.

Yes, folks, the beloved Lieutenant's 28th appearance would pit him against one of the most iconic guest-star opponents in the show's proud history, all against the murky backdrop of Haynes Military Academy. On paper, this is all terribly exciting. but domorning lightlive up to the hype? Or, to put it another way, he's a thoroughbred hero of an episode, or the TV equivalent of a patheticdrunk boy? And are we ready to find out?


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BOODLE CORPO: Robert ClotworthyLeutnant Columbo: Peter FalkCoronel Lyle C. Rumford: Patrick McGoohanWilliam Haynes: Tom Simcoxcadet sweater: Mark WheelerCaptain Loomis: Burr DeBenningSergeant Kramer: BruceKirbyCadet Morgan: Bruno KirbyMiss Brady: Madeleine SherwoodWritten by: Howard BerkeDirected by: Harvey Hart

Episode Summary:Columbus in the first light of dawn

A lonely, sweaty man works in the rough kitchen of a country house without luxury. The type of work?handling explosives! The mysterious man shoots gunpowder from a 75mm projectile and attaches a ring to itputty-like substancein the case before you put the case back on and wash out the dust in the sink.

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It's a rainy morning, or the thrill of kneading plastic explosives before breakfast is very real!

Wearing an army uniform, he slides silently into the lightning twilight. He takes the cartridge and places it in a locked box in the armory before going over to an old French 75mm cannon and secretly stuffing a cloth down the barrel. As he turns to leave the scene, he stops. Your gaze will be focuseda glass of CIDERhanging from a bedroom window, which he can see through a small gap in the trees. A look of thunder that foreshadowssomeone will payflashes across his face as he turns and walks away. ANDBOODLE BOY MILLER(Wooooooooooooooooooo!), whose poor geometry skills seem to have earned him the unenviable role of Cannon Destroyer's servant.Coronel Lyle C. Rumfordfor the rest of the semester.Episodenrückblick: Columbus in the light of dawn (4)And while the coffee he pours has Rumford's approval, the condition of his shoes does not. So you see, it's Founder's Day, the biggest date on the Haynes Military Academy calendar, and certainly not a day to skimp on your shoeshine. "How do you explain these shoes, Miller?" barks the colonel. "These shoes are a shame. After the ceremonies this morning, you will report to my office for disciplining. Hedrunk boyhe sinks like wilted lettuce and plummets into an uncertain future... The Colonel remains in a combative mood after arriving at the office to receive a special guest. The Founder's Day guest of honor is none other than William Haynes, grandson of the Patriarch of the Academy, who has had a contentious relationship with Rumford since he was a 'poor cadet' some 20 years ago. demolish the academy and replace it with a co-ed university, something Rumford vehemently opposes. But Haynes' decision is clear. Despite its proud history, the academy fails. The capacity is 6,000 cadets. There are only 1100 subscribers. "The truth is, no one wants to play soldier anymore. The war is over,” says Haynes.

"The embarrassing shoedrunk boyit sinks like wilted lettuce and withdraws into an uncertain future.

"It never ends, William. There are many people working to destroy our country,” the Colonel replies calmly. "And that's why institutions like this academy cannot die..” The two exchange barbs, with Rumford leaving his office door ajar to the nosy secretary Ms. Brady, listen. Rumford urges Haynes to officiate the Founder's Day ceremony, telling him that he is not welcome and must leave campus as soon as possible. Haynes takes the bait like a soldier. he will do itNOHe will play a background role: he will take center stage and fire the ceremonial cannon to start the day's celebrations. By taking the opportunity to hurt Rumford, Haynes sealed his own fate. Now we come to the splendor of the day. Cadets dressed as toy soldiers march in a parade, marching bands blare. Gun ready, grenade and all, and Haynes sets off to face his fate. Pull the rope once andCABLAMO! William Haynes is scattered about the parade ground.

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Rumford initially mistakes Columbo for a staring spy at the crime scene.

Not surprisingly, Lieutenant Columbo is among the officers sent to investigate. And, predictably, Rumford mistakes him for a curious onlooker and asks Sergeant Kramer to remove him from the crime scene. The word on the street was that it had been a tragic accident. The old cannon, a relic from WWI, simply fired one shot too many. William Haynes was in the wrong place at the wrong time, nothing more. Only Columbo does not buy the popular view. Find an exploded piece of cannon barrel with a wire attached. Subsequent search leads him to find an oily rag under a squad car. It looks like it must have come out of the canyon. But what could that mean? Columbus races toward Rumford, who is seated with hundreds of cadets in the academy chapel, listening to the hastily organized devotional service. Columbo shows the rag to Rumford and asks what it could be. Very quickly, Rumford claims he has no idea. But when he hears Columbo taking him to the lab, he takes a closer look and hints.it couldbe a cloth with which to clean the barrel. Of course, if it had been left in the cannon, it could have caused an explosion, but the colonel says it's unlikely in such an academy. However, the two go to Rumford's office to look through the files and figure out which of the clumsy cadets might be responsible.it is notthe error isBOODLE BOY Miller. He's been nervously waiting for the Colonel to return, and when Rumford softens, slaps him on the shoulder and lets him go, he first shudders like a coward, then hops off happily like a prancing puppy.Yes friends, everything comes outMühlenhausMüller! Although tragic for the viewer, theCadet with a cleft chinIn that case, don't pay anymore.SAD FACE.

A search of the archives shows that a Springer cadet was with the Waffenreinigungskommando and that he is onearms Cadetwith a number of recorded errors. The Colonel admits that if a cadet could have made the mistake of leaving a cleaning rag in a gun, Springer would be that cadet. When Columbus will question the youthHauptmann Mainwaring, What I mean by thatLoomisHe rushes in and is given a suitable outfit by his superior, who berates him for allowing ithard lemonis to be arrested under his nose at Pershing Hall and orders him to hand over the guilty. The besieged Loomis flees as timidly as Boodle Boy no doubt expected he would flee moments before. Columbus tries to downplay cider crime. "Boys will always be boys, I think," he says with a smile. "Boys will always be boys, Lieutenant," Rumford replies flatly. "But someone has to deliver them to the people.“

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Captain Loomis: Apparent heir to the Mainwaring dynasty?

On his way to Pershing Hall, Columbo meets his colleagues, all anxious to be fired. They give the lieutenant a blueprint they got from Haynes' car, which will be an important clue later in the episode. Columbo finds Springer alone in his room and gives him the rag he found, the cadet'simmediately recognizable as a cleaning clothBecause of the gun oil in it. Springer repeatedly dismisses any suggestion that he might have left the rag in the barrel, also stating that cleaning the barrel is considered an honorable detail, a concept intriguing Columbo given Springer's poor performance in the past .

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Springer Cadet - Exceptional rag identification tests since 1974

The Colonel explains this apparent discrepancy over a rudimentary dinner in the canteen. Sometimes giving a troubled cadet a gift of honor can cheer him up, he says. For his part, Columbo says he thinks Springer is hiding something, but he thinks he didn't leave the rag in the barrel because he identified it so quickly. When his wife visits her mother in Fresno, Columbo decides to spend the night at the gym to continue his research. I woke up at 3am. His mind racing, Columbo makes his way to a phone booth and calls campus security officer Corso, who earlier told him the fateful gunshot was heard eight miles away in Westlake.However, the cannon is fired every day at sunset.. So why only this one time heard from so far away? The officer in the shirt has no explanation other than "the cannon has never exploded", which does not satisfy the lieutenant, but he is left with no other option than to escape. back to bed... The next morning he experiences a rude awakening in DianaAn energetic young cadet rushes into his room, slaps his butt and yells, "Get up and get 'em, soldier!"While freshening up, the teary-eyed detective notices some dust on the side of the sink. If you look at the vent, you can see that's where the dust comes from. In a moment he isdeciphered the mystery of the lemonwhich the unfortunate Loomis continues to elude. His next encounter with Rumford is at the parade that morning. He has interesting news: a ballistics test revealed traces of gelignite in the barrel breech. The alleged empty shell was manipulated,and that means murder, plain and simple. But who is to blame? He doesn't suspect Springer, so he has next to nothing to do.Episodenrückblick: Columbus in the light of dawn (8)The design problem is the next thing that bothers Columbo. It just doesn't match the current design of the building. For example, why build a new gym when you already have one in perfect condition? At this point, Loomis informs him that Springer is missing and he needs to issue an APB. Columbo assures him that he is, but instead he begins investigating the crime in his own way. He has already found out that Springer has a girlfriend from nearby Valley High School after noticing the engagement ring she wore on a chain around her neck. Columbo tracks Susan, Springer's love interest, and follows her to Springer's hideout and overhears the boy's concerns about being framed. Columbo reveals himself and tells her to open her beak. Cut to Rumford's office. Columbo is with Springer and they drop a proverbial bomb on the Colonel. Springer couldn't have left the rag in the barrel. Why? because he doesn'tcleanthe gorge the night before.Also, I was off campus that night.. While he doesn't say where he was (no doubt in Susan's arms), Columbo checks the alibi.Springer out of the running for the Academy Killer of the Year Award!

Springer couldn't have left the rag in the barrel. Why? Because you didn't clear the ravine the night before.

Springer is locked in his quarters and is being released, but Columbo has now got the lead and is bombarding Rumford with questions. It's beginning to look like Rumford may have been the target of gun manipulation. who would do that A mistreated cadet? A love rival? A disgruntled war veteran? Rumford dismisses all possibilities. So if he wasn't the target, Columbo thinks out loud, soIt must have been William Haynes. So who would want to kill him? Their next discussion, later that day, concerns the mysterious plan. Columbo wonders why a bathroom in the facility doesn't have urinals when it's a male military academy. As a result, Rumford clarifies Haynes' plans to convert the place into a co-ed college. However, he says it's nothing more than a "crazy plan" that the board is decidedly against (contrary to what Haynes told us at the beginning of the episode). Rumford's immediate focus, however, is on catching thatCIDER Villains! He then orders a quick inspection of Pershing Hall in the early hours of the night, calling in all the cadets and the sleepy Lieutenant Columbo to fight.

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Columbo is all over the kids making cider at Pershing Hall

Every room is searched in vain. Eventually, Rumford orders Loomis to check out the outhouse and examine the ventilation shaft. The cadets are excited.but the cider is not! They don't find out until Columbo walks in and takes them into his confidence. He'll keep quiet about the cider, but he needs to knowataround. At dawn, Loomis calls Rumford and invites him to the parade. It's all about the cider! Gathered in the ravine, Loomis points to the cider hanging in the same window where Rumford saw it that fateful morning. Loomis is sent to bring down the second floor as Columbo approaches and finds time to question Rumford exactly when he last saw the cider. night or day? During the week or at the weekend? The Colonel stutters in his answers, but adopts a masterly tone as the weary cadets line up in front of him. However, when he orders the perpetrators to identify themselves, Columbo intervenes. "All cadets stay where you are!" he shouts, much to the anger of the Colonel, who is not used to having an order overturned. However, the game is over.Episodenrückblick: Columbus in the light of dawn (10)Columbus establishes the law. The only person who saw the cider hanging in the window was Rumford. The only night left to ferment was Saturday night. It was brought in front of Reveille at 6:25 to avoid being seen and it would have been too dark to see before 6:15.The only place in the gym you could see was the canyon.– and with that, Rumford stands at the top of the pass on the morning William Haynes died. For the embattled colonel, the war is finally over. He admits the fact, but without remorse. In his opinion, this should be done to protect American interests. Columbo gives Rumford one last chance to say goodbye to the cadets before surrendering to the detective as the credits roll...

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morning lightThe best moment: the company chat

Episodenrückblick: Columbus in the light of dawn (12)wanted to recorddrunk boyhere, but McGoohan's excellence during his conversation with Columbo truly deserves the highest praise. It is suspected that there is not much small talk andfriendlinessin Rumford's life, and that makes his candid and friendly chat with the detective in his palatial office all the more memorable. Not only does he give us a glimpse of Rumford's unwavering commitment to America's national interest, he is the man behind the uniform, the man who would hang up the uniform and tend their roses if wars were not necessary. It's a humanizing scene for Rumford, an oddly sad one, and one that I suspect quietly impresses Columbo, who has a penchant for excellence and devotion to others, regardless of their crimes (think Adrian Carsini and Tommy Brown ).

"It's a humanizing scene for Rumford, oddly sad, and one that I suspect quietly impresses Columbo."

Rumford is sincere enough to offer the Lieutenant a quality cigar and even becomes (I think) the first character to openly ask if Columbo has a first name. "Yes," admits the detective. "My wife is almost the only one who uses it." So a quiet and underestimated scene, but I really enjoy watching it. McGoohan could have won his eventual Emmy Award for that scene alone.

my opinionAt first dawn

Patrick McGoohan casts a long shadow over itDove. He would finally playDoveHe murdered four times more often than any other actor and also had several writing and directing credits to his name over the next quarter century. So surprisingly we're almost two-thirds into the original series when it debuts here. By comparison, Robert Culp had completed his trio of killer performances a season earlier, while Jack Cassidy already had two killer credits under his belt. Who could have predicted that McGoohan would then have such an enduring relationship with the show and its lead actor, Peter Falk?

Episodenrückblick: Columbus in the light of dawn (13)

It really was love at first sight for McGoohan and Falk.

Most notably, this is such an atypical McGoohan performance. He plays him so straight and understated as Colonel Lyle C. Rumford that he could be a very different actor than the more offbeat, more "McGoohan" roles he later played.Dove– especially in locomotivesidentity crisisa year later where McGoohan appeared to have onewhite cardto mold his character and the entire episode (he directed) into his preferred style. It's a wonderful, understated performance by McGoohan as Rumford, who appears to be playing a character much older than he is, 45 at the time of filming. . He manages to give us a multi-faceted character of great depth and fascination. It would have been easy to do a one-dimensional military academy director, and with less writing and less acting we could have come up with a memorable villain. That is definitely not the case here. McGoohan would continue to remember hisDovedebuted with great affection, saying, "That's probably my favorite [of the three Columbo episodes he was on in the '70s].It might be my favorite role in America.. It took a little work, but I thought it was excellent. Because of that experience, I accepted to do the others.”

"It's a wonderful performance from McGoohan, who manages to give us a multi-faceted character of great depth and intrigue."

Let's take a look at McGoohan's Rumford. First, the soldier who makes others dance to the beat of his drum is right as an authority figure. Aside from Kadett Springer, the rest of the academy respects and fears him equally. He's a discipline freak and God help those who cross the line for their part because they're in for a world of pain. Then we have to consider Rumford's sneaky and strategic mind. Apparently he had long planned the downfall of William Haynes, using Springer's poor disciplinary record as a vehicle and smoke screen to commit murder. Remember: Springer was used to clean up the canyon3 weeks before the act. Rumford was able to plausibly claim that this "Honorary Command" was given to Springer to boost his morale, while at the same time allowing him to perfectly exploit the Cadet's known weaknesses to present him as a very likely candidate for the barrel explosion caused by simple carelessness. Of course, it's very unethical of him to use Springer as a scapegoat, but if you look at it from Rumford's perspective as a military leader, he cleverly uses every available resource to achieve his vision of victory. And this victory protects the future of science by eliminating Haynes and his mixed schemes, thereby protecting America from foreign aggressors. This is smart work.

Episodenrückblick: Columbus in the light of dawn (14)

Relentless and determined, Rumford presents Columbo with a tough challenge.

Naysayers might say it's convenient enough for Haynes to take the bait and seal his own fate by presiding over the ceremonial Founder's Day cannon shot. After all, that's Rumford's dutyAlwayshappened, and for the episode to work around Haynestivto take the bait. I prefer to see it from Rumford's perspective, who really knows his enemy (after all, he had been supervising Haynes' own cadets years ago) and what buttons to press to make a fatal mistake. That's all well and good, but McGoohan's greatest triumph is turning Rumford into an oddly likable character, despite his complete lack of remorse for his crime. It does so by learning that Rumford's motive had national interests at heart, but most powerfully through his interactions with Columbo, which reveal a little about what kind of man he is when he's not in uniform. During the corporate discussion above, we learned that Rumford is not a bloodthirsty bully who terrorizes recruits for fun or to boost his ego. He cares deeply about his country and wants to ensure the US Army has the best possible recruits to protect the country - "no more mama's boys," as he puts it. This is the life he has chosen, putting American interests ahead of everything else, including what appears to be his own.

"McGoohan's greatest triumph is turning Rumford into an oddly likable character despite his total lack of remorse."

Instead, we see evidence that Rumford is a lonely, isolated man with no love or fun in his life. There is no Mrs. Rumford, and no indication that romance was ever high on her agenda. He talks about his rose garden at home, which he would like to tend if there were no more wars to be fought. It's really very sad. And that's at the core of Rumford's character: He's driven by discipline and duty.atthe rest comes second. In that sense, it's like a nicer, more nuanced prequel to Jack Nicholson's Colonel Jessup Braysome good menAll credit goes to author Howard Berk for giving us a villain that most viewers can at least understand, even if they don't overtly like him. Columbo's take on Rumford seems to be exactly what the balanced viewer would be. The respect he shows the Colonel at the end of the episode when he allows him to address his cadets one last time is in some ways an act of sorts like his toast to Adrian Carsini at the end ofSome old port in a storm.

Episodenrückblick: Columbus in the light of dawn (15)

The odd couple: opposite poles, but respect between colonel and lieutenant

Falk and McGoohan clearly hit it off on set. This is evident in the later belief Falk placed in McGoohan as oneDoveCo-Star, Writer and Director. Both men admired each other's approach to acting, and though there's little real joy in their exchangeAt first dawn, the seeds of a long and fruitful relationship were planted.morning lightWould it have been this low key without McGoohan's debut? We can only speculate, but credit must be given to director Harvey Hart for successfully delivering aDovelike no other. More likea true friend, this is an episode unlike any other in many ways. It's very peaceful, with long interludes of near silence punctuated by noise and conversation, especially in the beginning when the Colonel is assembling the shell. There is no score. In fact, the only music in the episode is provided by the camp cadets. This, combined with the location and lack of humor, gives the episode a very different than average "feel".Dove. In fact, it's much more like an independent film. This treatment makes sense. After all, war is hell and the spirit of Vietnam hangs like a shroud over this episode. As Haynes himself says, "nobody wants to play soldier anymore," a feeling that was deep in the country at the time. As a result, this is a serious portrayal of a serious subject and lacks many of the small, humorous comments that have become the show's trademark. However, there are some funny scenes. Hecoward drunk boyjCaptain Loom is the arrogant zeroEvoke smiles during the rude awakening of Columbuswhen this young cadet breaks his asswhile the Reveille is still ringing in your ears, it's a fun time. There are also some lovely fish-out-of-water scenes as a confused Columbo struggles to speak up.armed cadets running around campus like idiots, and is fascinated by freshmen eating "full meals" in the canteen.

Episodenrückblick: Columbus in the light of dawn (16)


We're also treated to Bruce Kirby's first time as Sergeant Kramer, a working detective who seems rather impatient with Columbo's methods here. Kramer would return in 5 consecutive episodes, making him the most recurring character of the series alongside Columbo and Dog. Kirby also had the pleasure of spending screen time here with her son Bruno (fromcity ​​raincoatsjWhen Harry met Sallyfame), who played the scheming cider brewer Cadet Morgan. In terms of light-hearted aspects, that's all we've got. Whether that distracts from the episode is entirely up to your point of view. How cool she is, for all her wit and heavy dramaAt first dawncompared to the best deliveries in theDoveconstructions? I find it harder to quantify.

At first dawnIt's certainly an attractive visualization, but it's too serious."

I like to refer to Peter Falk's own explanation of what makes a vintageDove. His aim is to “find the perfect balance between attractiveness and fun”. I agree.morning lightit's certainly compelling, but it's very serious. And that's why it's less pleasant to see, at least for memi trusted absolute favoritesThe pacing of the episode is also something I see as a problem for some viewers. It is asoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooslow episode that never really picks up speed and a mess of mixed shots that drags on for longer than welcome time. However, this pedestrian rhythm generally works because it's written that way, but maybe it worksmorning lightslightly less accessible than a light-hearted 75-minute rompmurder by book.

Episodenrückblick: Columbus in the light of dawn (17)

Filming at spacious locations offersAt first dawna different look than mostDoveFollow Plus PANZER!

Of course, it's always a pleasure to see Columbo solve a case. Here he is as smart as ever, his detective can instantly help him rule out the obvious suspect (jumper) since he identified the gun rag so quickly. The fact that Rumford didn't do it gives the lieutenant reason to suspect him later, but the script isn't heavy enough to work at this point. And again we see evidence of Columbo's charm as Everyman in the way he insinuated himself to the cadets to solve the mystery and force Rumford's surrender. Finally,At first dawnit is something of a strange animal. I respect it for what it is: a hard-hitting, beautifully written crime drama with a riveting twist from McGoohan. But it's not what I see and love.Doveand it's rare that you choose it from the DVD collection with so many more affordable, lightweight options. However, that doesn't detract from a very impressive television performance, which has proved it even after almost 30 episodesDoveshe was still as ambitious and skilful as ever. Is there a cloud in this silver lining? How long can this quality be maintained?

Episodenrückblick: Columbus in the light of dawn (18)

Unanswered Question: Did Columbo Ever Get This Pair Of Socks?

did you know

Patrick McGoohan's role as Colonel Rumford earned him the 1975 Emmy Award for Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actor in a Comedy or Drama Series. It was a good night forDoveand its alumni too, with Peter Falk being recognized for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series; Valerie Harper (most important game) for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series forRad; and Jessica Walter (mind over chaos) as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series for the critically acclaimed but unpopularAmy Prentiss.Falk and McGoohan would double again to winDoveEmmys 1990 - McGoohan out for his portrayal of Oscar Finchagenda for murder. I can't find any photographic evidence of McGoohan's 1975 win, but Peter Falk's acceptance speech is below.

how do i rate them

As you may have noticed in the review, the ranking ismorning lightIt's a complicated task. It's excellent drama, but very different from average.Dove. As a result, I'm rating it as average overall because I just don't enjoy it as much as my all-time favorites. It's in excellent company, however, and with very few choices from any of the episodes on my 'B-list', this still represents oneBOODLE-BOY-TASTISCHPositive. Please read all my other episode reviews using the links below.

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As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this episode. If you love him more than anything, choose him.IsDoveVote for your favorite episode here. Leave me a comment below and come back soon for a great adventure on the high seas when Columbo sets sail with Robert Vaughntroubled waters.

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