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For its owners, the Nissan Altima Coupé 2012 is often considered a little less demanding. The two have some similarities, namely their engine and v6 sedan altimo.His own stylistic path, a setback in the days when Nissans 240sx was one of the most popular cars in the market, and the two coupés were as often as the grass. Now there are only a few two -door cars to challenge the high coupé, such as Hyundai Genesis and the impressive Honda Accord Coupé.com an option between 4 and engines and 6 cylinders, a relevant gearbox of demanding lisading or continuously variable gears (CVT) and legal options such as spicy red leather seats and radius of radius and radius ofRigid traction navigation, Coupéaltima 2012 is a player.

Used Nissan Altima 2012 prices

Nissan Altima Coupé 2.5S 2012 has a sale price of almost $ 24,500 with the target rate and without an automatic CVT transmission proposed by the manufacturer (MSRP), while the 3.5 SR V6 manual starts around $ 31,500.Top CVT AutomaticFor US $ 36,000, although the gearbox has an important price for 3.5 Mr. Mr. to obtain the best price for its high similarities similar coupes such as Hyundai Genesis and Honda Accord Coupé cost the same or a little less and offer moreElectricity and torque horses of 2.5 S. by Genesis V6 Coupé and the Ford Mustang V6.

Driving by Nissan Altima 2012 used

In view of the sports block of the Nissan Altima Coupé 2012, the lighter general weight and the distance between the shortest axes, a reaction driving experience is delivered to Altima Limusine. What is really surprising is the good thing that is the AltimaCoupé in the daily direction, thanks to their sports seats, which embrace the body and the streets civilized in a back street in which the joy of the speed of the coupé apones is determined, the speed is sensitive. The turn is fast and precise,So the hydraulic direction unit automatically establishes the impulse, depending on the speed of the vehicle. In the 2.5 s lining ,,, 2.5 s ,,, 2.5 s ,,, 2.5 s, the manual transmission is more fun to operateAnd it costs less in our eyes. However, cars equipped with CVT offer a softer and more balanced driving experience, not to mention a better fuel consumption.They will really appreciate this. The energy of the 270 ps V6 aggregate. Thank you to their sports suspension, 3.5SR also offers better aggressive management and larger bicycles and tires.

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Internal comfort

Faithful to his mission as a driver, First Nissan Altima Coupé in 2012 gave a large set of aggressively reinforced sports seatBright white numbers of the tach needle and the needles of bright red indicators. In the pockets sewn in the seats at the bottom, hold both hands on the steering wheel and operate the audio and bluetooth systems. The position and space for thelegs are very good for passengers in the front, but the rear seat is not a moderator of approximately one meter and eighty and 1 inch. The opposite of so many cups of the past has a useful trunk that can be expanded around 60/40folding rear seats.

External style

While Nissan Altima Coupé 2012 has the same platform and mechanics as Limousine AltimIn tight curves. Nissan to take some risks with the Altima Coupé style, such as elongated side glass, the high trunk lid and the rear flashlight cover, in addition to the 4 cylinders S and V6 sr are almost identical.Signature of the side mirror of the MR and the largest wheels.

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Favorite resources

Optional return monitor
Since the Altima Coupé butt has two blind points that constitute a bit and track a little back, this function facilitates support for a parking space.

XM Navtraffic
With this option, controllers can see real information about commercial conditions on the navigation screen. On a long trip, the system can even show the upcoming conditions for a driver to make decisions at the beginning of possible alternative routes.

Standard features

The Nissan Altima Coupé 2012 has driven the moonlight of the soldiers, 8 -way, adjustable and heating, with integrated curve signs, while MR with manual transmission of OA receives the premium and leather packages with bose -audio,Leather seats, bluetooth, front seats with heating and more..Modelos.Modelos.Modelos. They also have six air bags, VDC traction stability control (dynamic vehicle control), anti-glor brakes (ABS), safety belt sensors, head-to-bank to use active bench to use more objectsLong in P P P P P P.

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Factory options

The options for Nissan Altima Coupé 2012 are XM Satellite Radio, a Bose ON/FM 6 -CD player with nine speakers and speed sensitivity volume, a universal transceptor Homeelink and Bluetooth. Other grades are the nissan nissan navigation system 6.5 inches withReal -time traffic and climatic formations, ship wheel control and a return monitor with which drivers can handle blind spots on the back. Leather seats and an XTronic transmission are also available.

engine and gears

The Nissan Altima Coupé 2012 shares its two engines and a team with limousine (the manual is exclusive to the Coupé) and offers a V6 of 2.5 liters -4 or a 3.5 liter -V6 with a 6 -speed manual or automatically -Optimal -OptimalCVT.The 4 cylinders offers the best fuel consumption values in the EPA.

2.5 liters on line 4
175 hp a 5,600 rpm
170 PS a 5600 U / min (California)
180 lb-ft de drehmoment A 3.900 U / min
Torque de 175 lb-ft a 3.900 rpm (California)
EPA city/autobah fuel consumption: 23/31 (manual), 23/32 (automatic)

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H, 5 liters of all
270 hp a 6,000 rpm
Drehmoment de 258 lb-ft a 4.400 U / min
Fuel consumption of the EPA/Autobahn city: 18/27 (manual), 20/27 (automatic)

Method of verification and classification of KBB vehicles

Our specialized classifications come from driving and hours of numbers to make sure you choose the best car for you. We experience and analyze all the new SUVs, cars, trucks or minivans for sale in the United States and compare them with your competitors.Our classifications.

We demand new classifications each time a completely new vehicle is started or a new generation of an existing vehicle.Auto with a smaller facilifging (normally for 2-3 years), in general resources and technology.

Instead of eliminating random air numbers or a meaningless verification list, KBB editors classify a vehicle in which it belongs to their class. Before a car receives its KBB classification, it has to be better (or worse)When trying to spend your money when buying or raising.

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Our editors drive and live with a certain vehicle. We have asked the right questions about the interior, the outdoor area, the motor and the train of strength, the trip and the handling, the resources, the comfort and, of course, the price. For the purpose for which it was built? (If this goal travels efficiently and to work in the city to keep your family safely, the feeling that it was at the top, or that is on its way, or canDo it if you have it, you feel as if you finally find the right partner for your lifestyle).

We take all the vehicles that we have tested through everyday life, the change, the backup, the load and the load as the essential, the braking, the handling, the silent interior and the comfort, the quality, the quality and the theMaterial reliability.

More about how we classify vehicles


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